15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Black tea! (10th one is Unbelievable!)

Tea is not only a healthy beverage to your daily routine, but also a new way to live with joy! In order to get rid of any kind of health disorder, tea is generally recommended. Which tea do you have mostly? Green tea or black tea? Well, the tea can be any, unless you are not benefitted by it.

black tea

Thus, picking a healthy beverage is not difficult, but making a right choice is essential. And, when it comes to right choice, don’t forget to pick black tea. Yes, one of the finest teas you can now consume for a pleasant life. There would be many questions in your mind that why black tea at the top? Relax! These 15 facts about black tea will convince you to sip black tea from the next time.

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  1. Black tea is of different types. Each type is the result of a unique procedure of exposing leaves to heat, air, and moisture. It is done to add a complexity of flavour to the tea. This is the fermentation process, which varies in every type providing you unique aroma and flavour.

different types of black tea

  2. It is known as “red tea” in China. This is due to the reddish color of the brew. After fermentation, the tea is left with a distinct red color, which does not include the semi-fermented and post-fermented teas producing green or black colors.

chinese drinking tea

  3. Black tea is fruitful in preventing health disorders. It reduces a risk of heart ailments, provides relief from asthma, prevents breast cancer, helps cure digestive issues, maintains cholesterol levels, and effectively cures intestinal disorders. According to the medical research, black tea is a medicinal significant due to the presence of the compounds like thearubigens and theaflavins.

Happy Heart

  4. Initially discovered in the 17th century, Black tea has historically been prepared in a heated metal container (also known as samovar). This container keeps tea hot for long hours. In addition, black tea, when stored properly, does not lose flavour for many years.    

  5. During World War II, green tea sources were unavailable. Therefore, Americans started importing tea from India, which was a black tea. Thus, black tea became popular after the war.    

  6. Black tea is originated from Camellia Sinensis. The tea has a higher yield and higher levels of caffeine. Well, tea was the only thing to greet guests at once. However, the production of the native Camellia Sinensis was found to be far more lucrative.    

  7. Did you know brewing black tea at a higher temperature releases antioxidants? Thus, for epic flavour and aroma, the tea is brewed closely to a boiling point. This helps tea lovers to experience the love of tradition found in black tea only. Well, in China, tea is valued according to quality, more than quantity (cost).hot tea  8. Consuming black tea kills oral viruses due to high caffeine content. This further helps in preventing skin infections. Moreover, placing it helps reduce puffiness under your eyes. Also, this superb beverage prevents pre-mature ageing and pimples. In simple terms, it is effective for curing skin problems and preventing skin cancer.

black tea prevents ageing and pimples

  9. The elements present in black tea are beneficial for skin. Its extracts act as a sun blocking agent when applied on the skin. The tea has a great contribution to a blemish-free skin. Black tea accelerates the process of skin generation due to tannins and polyphenols present in it.    

  10. Shed your kilos with black tea! Yes, your daily healthy sip is helpful in reducing your weight. All thanks to caffeine! This black tea weight loss fact promotes the breakdown of stored fats. Researchers found that the person who drinks it reduces more weight and abdominal fat than those who don’t drink. black tea weight loss

  11. Hair care is a big responsibility. Most of you look for natural care for it rather than any chemical process. The caffeine prevents hair loss and stimulates the hair growth. Either you use its tea bags in a boiled water to wash your hair or consume tea twice a day.  

black tea hair treatment

  12. Have you ever heard about the bubble tea? May be few of you! Bubble tea invented in the 1980s in Taiwan was prepared with tapioca pearls, condensed milk, honey, and black tea. It is delicious to taste, black tea has a superior role in the preparation of bubble tea.    

  13. Anything in excess can be harmful. Similarly, consuming surplus black tea can cause stomach disorder, dizziness, and anxiety. This is because of caffeine that cannot be consumed in high dozes. You can get to know about the caffeine here.    

  14. Black tea has an ultimate role in preparing other teas like Earl grey tea found in Southern Italy, Orange pekoe tea (it has nothing to do with oranges), butter tea from Tibet, and Moroccan Mint tea made in the Middle East. In ancient China, tea as a form of currency was broken if the change was required.    

  15. Black tea is low calorie and reasonable. However, let the black tea remains black as adding milk to it reduces antioxidant potential. Well, this is up to you. You can make or add flavour to black tea as per your wish. It won’t taste bad.

Black tea is low calorie

So, cheering up with a black tea is not a loss at all. These 15 facts have amazing aspects to consider black tea as a priority. You can learn more about it through the qualities of black tea.

Black tea is a kind of tea that is more oxidized than others are. It is stronger in flavour. Every nation has a unique definition to describe black tea. But, overall, it provides nutritional and fruitful value. You might have generally noted that a black tea is mostly consumed in Western culture.

The types of black tea in China include Congu, Keemum Mao Fang, and Lapsang Souchong. In India, it includes Darjeeling, Assam, and Ceylon. This is categorized according to the different altitudes they are grown. One cannot ignore the fact that black tea is the oldest cup but still the purposeful.

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