Live Happily with These Five Tea Blends

Before you sip your healthy beverage, let it go with numerous flavors. Tea is considered as a national drink. Therefore, there are numerous types of tea available. So, everyone has their favorite tea while few of them love to consume its every type. It depends on the benefits and taste that a person looks for while choosing for an effective beverage.
Camellia Sinensis

If we look around while visiting a tea store or browse it online, there are plenty of tea types and its categories to pick from. Though every tea type is originated from the plant Camellia Sinensis, its flavors and aroma have characterized it into benefits and one’s choice. One of the superior choices is the black tea. This can be easily explained by learning about the black tea blends. The remarkable thing about this tea is that you can actually mix different flavors to develop a delicious tea for yourself. Moreover, its blends are enough to convince you for sipping black tea every day.

Here are five scrumptious blends for your healthier day-

·         Irish Breakfast Blend

Irish Breakfast Blend

Irish breakfast tea includes milk and is strong. For the good taste, it is blended with sugar and lemon without milk. It is the best option to be replaced with the morning coffee due to its smooth texture and sweetness. Also known as, young blend, Irish breakfast is served with milk similar to English breakfast.

After the Second World War, this tea was a young blend. During the war, Ireland refused to collaborate with English in any way. This banned their tea supplies that England delivers tea to Irish. Thus, Irish began producing its own tea with different flavors from the classical English tea recipes.

·         Healthy English Breakfast Blend

English Breakfast Blend

Feel active all the day with this robust and rich black tea blend that works well with milk and sugar! It is a strong blend originated from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Assam (India), and more. Popularized by Queen Victoria, this blend was known to be the venerable and appreciated British custom.

It is believed that history of English blend is not only one. However, it seems that not in England, but the name ‘English breakfast’ was given in the American colonies. This took place when an immigrant from British, Richard Davies started to sell and popularized this blend.

·         Afternoon Blend

English Afternoon Blend

Refresh yourself with a medium bodied and bright blend! It contains Kenyan black tea and Assam black teas mixed with Ceylon black tea types. Ceylon tea adds a light touch to this delicious blend. You will enjoy this with a tasteful selection of cakes such as muffins.

Traditionally, the tea is poured from heavy and ornate teapots into delicate china cups. It is served with milk or lemon in order to add to the elegance to this English custom. You can treat your friends with such servings. It was somewhere in the 19th century when Anne, the 7th Duchess of Bedford felt hungry in the evening due to late dinners. Thus, she started taking English Afternoon Blend with cakes, which she later invited friends for it.

·         Earl Grey Tea Blend

Earl Grey Tea Blend

This highly distinctive flavored blend has a wonderful aroma due to the bergamot oil. Named after Earl Grey, a British Prime Minister received it as a gift in 1830. The Earl Grey blend has various types based on the ingredients used to make it. One of the famous one is Lady Grey, originated from Seville Oranges. It has its varieties in Malaysia as well.

·         Masala Chai Blend

Masal Chai Blend

If you want to have a tasty beverage with healthy ingredients, go with Masala Chai Blend. It is the combination of spices, milk, sugar, or black tea. It is a traditional Indian beverage found in the West having classic preparation methods. Its preparation contains loose leaves as well.

However, this blend is from Asia, but it is bounded to the English history. In the 1830s, the British focused on competing for tea market with Chinese monopoly. Thus, a campaign took place in Assam, Kenya, and Ceylon. The plants grown were of Chinese origins but were famous as plants grown in British Ceylon and British India. Later on, Masala Chai Blend was brought to the Western countries.

Thus, these blends let us feel the taste of happiness in a friendly scenario.

However, there is a secret behind each tea blend. Black tea, generally, has tea blending to produce tea bags. Other types are used as Puerh. The aim of blending was a human curiosity but, these days, with the enhancement in the tea market growth; the target is to create a balanced flavor for tea lovers.

Well, the flowers have contributed a lot in adding flavors to the tea. These flowers include osmanthus, jasmine, lotus, rose, and more. Also, the flavor ants like pine needles, citrus oil, and different spices like ginger are also used.    

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